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Minovation Flying School and Aircraft Hire Jandakot Perth
Welcome to Minovation
Minovation is a flying school based at Jandakot Airport in Perth, Western Australia specialising in quality pilot training for the Private and Commercial Pilot Licence. 
We also offer licence conversion training for overseas pilots and provide aircraft for "self fly" holidays in Australia.
Having the largest fleet of Piper aircraft at Jandakot Airport, we can take you from your first days of flying training up to the point where you are able to work as a pilot in Australia.  
We have two Australian built Boomerang aircraft for basic training.
Further training is undertaken in Piper aircraft including the Warrior, Archer, Arrow and Dakota.

Jandakot Airport is the one of busiest airports in Australia, and is supported by all of the amenities you will require. Western Australia has wonderful flying weather most of the year round making this an ideal location for flying training.

Your first step is to email or call us on (08) 9414 1064 to make an appointment with an instructor for an introductory flight and to discuss your training schedule. If there is nobody available to answer the phone we are all out flying and will return your call as soon as we can.

Please note, staff are available strictly by appointment only. We may not be able to answer walk-in enquiries as this may delay the day's schedule, or we may all be out flying, so we do need to know in advance if people want to come and discuss flying so that we can be sure to be able to spend time with you.

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See below for photos of the latest pilots to achieve major milestones in their flying training here at Minovation.


Newest Achievers
Congratulations to our latest Achievers:

Recent achievers photos can be found on our Facebook page.





Anthony Raspa First Solo 13 March 2010

Marco Al Issa FAA Cpl conversion 11.3.10

Patrick Ng First Solo 6 March 2010

Mark McCabe CPL 2 Feb 10

Keith Logan First Solo 29 Jan 2010

Mike McKerlie CPL 21 Jan 10

Mike Mullins PPL 19 Jan 10

Rene Hutton First Solo 17 JAN 10

Josh Hurley First Solo 13 DEC 09

Eugene Chan - PPL - 22nd December 2009

Andrew Gleave - PPL - 4th December 2009

Rainer Sholz - First Solo - 29th November 2009

Shane Kavanagh - First Solo - 20th November 2009

Matt Turner - First Solo - 14th October 2009

Aaaron Van Luyn - PPL - 14th October 2009

Frans Otten - First Solo - 26th September 2009

Robert Dalton PPL - 30/8/09

Sarah Whitford-Harvey First Solo 29/8/09

Margi Lovegrove First Solo 29/8/09

Julian Gardner PPL - 6/8/09

Cameron Hill GFPT - 02/07/09

Cortlan Bennett - GFPT 14/07/09

Grant Beasley - South African PPL conversion 25/07/09

Zac Callaghan - PPL 07/07/09

Paul Barisich - Commercial Pilot's License - 13th May 2009

Brian Godfrey - Private Pilot's License - 6th May 2009

Jay McEvoy - First Solo - 3rd May 2009

Julian Gardner - First Solo - 27th April 2009

Luke Parkitny - First Solo - 17th April 2009

Allan Tudehope - Commercial Pilot's License - 8th April 2009

Matt Magnussen - Private Pilot's License - 21st March 2009

Cameron Hill - First Solo - 8th March 2009

Jeremy Doyle - Commercial Pilot's License - 21st February 2009

With a bit of hard work and dedication, you can be up here too. Start your flying training with Minovation, and you'll never look up at the sky the same way again!
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