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Learning to Fly

Minovation flying school at Jandakot Airport
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People learn to fly for many reasons. Some for a career in aviation, ranging from flying Airlines to fire-spotting to instructing, some for a challenge, some just for fun, some as a necessity for working in remote areas, some to overcome a fear of flying. Whatever the reason, whatever the goal, all flying training has to be done step-by-step, and in this brochure we will take you through those steps.


All flying and theory training is done in accordance with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Manual of Standards and is competency based. The rate of progress is very much determined by the amount of commitment and effort the student puts in to their training and study.


Flying is available to all ages. The only prerequisite is that you hold an Aviation medical certificate and have passed the Federal Government security checks. Training can be undertaken full time or on a regular basis that suits you, your time or budget requirements.

Theory training is done by self study using our approved text books.







A deposit of $150 is required to be held at the school during training to secure bookings, this deposit is forfeit in the event of a “no show” or cancellation with less than 24 hours notice. No other up-front payments are required for flying training. Payment is made at the end of each lesson,  we have EFTPOS facilites and can also accept internet transfers.

Based on the average number of hours required to meet the competencies, the Private Pilot Licence will cost around $20,000 including text books, medicals, etc


Commercial Pilot Licence:


To qualify for the Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) the student will need to build up 100 hours of flight time as Pilot In Command, and 200 hours total time. This “hour building” is done at the student’s own pace and it is wise to study for and sit the CPL examinations concurrently with the flying


Prior to commencing the CPL training the student will need to have the following prerequisites:


  • All CPL exams passed
  • Class One medical
  • At least 90 hours as Pilot in Command and 170 hours total time..


Training for the CPL course is GST free once the above prerequisites are achieved


The costs of obtaining a CPL vary widely   depending on the level of experience, preparation and commitment of the student. Courses are individually tailored for the focus on areas which require training to reach competency in the standards specified in the CASA syllabus prior to recommendation for flight test.






MINOVATION was formed in 1997 by Min Stokes, our Chief Flying Instructor, and her husband Karl Valentin. Min learned to fly in Jersey, Channel Islands and flew in the UK, France and USA before gaining the UK Commercial Pilot Licence and instructing in Jersey. She emigrated to Perth in 1993 and worked as a contractor to other flying schools at Jandakot and elsewhere before starting up MINOVATION.



·          All of our instructors have years of experience in many and varied areas of aviation and are all dedicated to giving you the best quality instructing available, so that you can minimise the extra time taken being trained by inexperienced instructors.


·          We do not do charter or aerial work here, MINOVATION operates solely as a flying school so that we can focus on your training. Our instructors are career instructors and are not waiting for an airline job.


·          We value the Student/ Instructor relationship and believe it important that good rapport exists both in the air and on the ground. We believe it is essential that students stay with the same instructor wherever possible throughout their training to minimise disruptions and repetition.

Our courses are tailored for the individual rather than a "one size fits all" approach


·          We pride ourselves on being a professional and friendly organisation with a 100% safety record.



·         We operate a range of Piper aircraft


·          Once you have your licence we have a large fleet of aircraft available to hire so that you can use your licence for pleasure or work.


So that we can ensure that you will receive the course that suits you the best, please contact our Chief Flying Instructor to make an appointment to discuss your training.



We look forward to flying with you!!








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