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Flying Training 

Aircraft Hire 


Jandakot Airport,

Western Australia


Western Australia has excellent flying weather and many amazing destinations making it the ideal place to come for a flying holiday
or to build up your flying hours towards a higher licence.


We have a fleet of four-seater Piper aircraft available for short and long term
private hire.
Regular flyers can participate in our "Frequent Flier" reward scheme.


We provide training for:
Recreational pilot Licence
 Private Pilot Licence
 Commercial Pilot Licence
About Minovation Flying School

Minovation was established at Jandakot Airport in 1997 to fill the niche of providing one-on-one quality flying training for the Private and Commercial Pilot Licence. 


We believe that the best way to achieve the highest quality of flying training is to understand that our students come from many different backgrounds and that training needs to be tailored to the individual. We ensure consistency by assigning an instructor who will be with you all the way through your training.

Our courses have been developed over 32 years of experience.

All of our instructors have dedicated their flying careers to training the next generation of pilots. 

Theory training is done by self study, allowing people the flexibility of fitting their study into their schedule.

Once you have your licence our fleet of Cherokee aircraft are available to hire for day trips and flying holidays.

For more information please contact us by email


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