Flying Training 

Aircraft Hire 


Jandakot Airport,

Western Australia


Western Australia has excellent flying weather and many amazing destinations making it the ideal place to come for a flying holiday
or to build up your flying hours towards a higher licence.


We have a fleet of four-seater Piper aircraft available for short and long term
private hire.
Regular flyers can participate in our "Frequent Flier" reward scheme.


We provide training for:
Recreational pilot Licence
 Private Pilot Licence
 Commercial Pilot Licence
About Minovation Flying School

Minovation is a "boutique" style of flying school, the only one of it's kind at Jandakot. We aspecialise in quality training from the very beginning up to the Commercial Pilot level and recognise that your basic training is the most important training you will do to become a safe pilot. To achieve this we keep the school small to ensure the best quality training.


At Minovation we take into account that every student has come from a different background with different experiences and tailor each student's training to thier individual abilites and requirements. Training is conducted at the student's own pace.


Theory training is done by self study with private tuition available if required.


You will be assigned an experienced instructor who will be taking you right through the training on a one-on-one basis.


Flying training is all we gimmicks, just quality training at the right price.

Please note we do not employ ground staff and instructors are only available by prior appointment. Please contact us by email to make an appointment so an instructor will be available to spend uninterrupted time with you.


All bookings and enquiries to be made by email to