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Minovation offers flight training for the following licences

Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL)

The Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) is suitable for people who only wish to fly in the local area, pilots who previously held a pass in the General Flying Progress Test and pilots wishing to move into General Aviation from Recreational Aviation.


With the RPL a pilot can:


Fly an aircraft with maximum take off weight of 1500kg


Carry passengers if they hold a CASA medical certificate


Fly within 25 nautical miles of their base aerodrome


If people wish to add navigation we recommend that they qualify for the Private Pilot Licence (PPL)


The RPL is not a necessary prerequisite on the way to the PPL and we encourage students to train straight through to PPL





Private Pilot Licence (PPL)


The Private Pilot Licence allows you to fly anywhere in Australia and carry passengers. It can also be used overseas subject to any local requirements.


You will need a minimum of 40 hours training, pass the theory exam and have reached the reuqired competencies before doing the PPL Flight Test.


The theory training for the PPL exam is done by self study using our approved text books.

The average cost of getting a PPL is found in our FAQ section.


Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)

Minovation provides training to upgrade from the Private to Commercial Pilot Licence, the first step in an aviation career.


Our aim is to produce Commercial pilots who are ready to take up thier first job in industry, so our training puts emphasis on the commercial aspects of flying as well as achieving the competency standards required for the Commercial Pilot Licence flight test.


Rather than a "one size fits all" course we will tailor the training to work on whatever areas are required to bring you up to the competency standards and prepare you to be a valuable employee with a great flying career ahead of you.


As ours is not an "integrated" course you can be very flexible with your training.





Flying in Australia on an overseas licence

To fly in Australia on an overseas licence it is necessary to apply to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority for a Certificate of Validation.


This will allow you to fly privately in visual conditions by day for up to 90 days. Pilots wishing to stay longer can apply for the Australian PPL.


On arrival you will need to have a flight review which will give us the opportunity to familiarise you with local procedures.



Please contact us so we can guide you through the application process.

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